Our Services

Protect Equipment

Everything within splash range of the hood gets covered in industrial-strength plastic. This protects the kitchen and reduces clean up time.

Clean Roof

Commercial hood cleaning starts on the roof, where our trained and certified technicians clean the exhaust system fan unit and all connecting ductwork.

Heated Pressure

Back in the kitchen, our technicians apply a heavy corrosive to residual grease and clean the hood with a heated pressure washer.

Stainless Shining

Hood washing complete, our skilled technicians remove plastic tarping and detail the kitchen hood with spray bottles, sponges, and rags — resulting in a pristine shine.

Site Cleanup
mop up

With the exhaust hood cleaned and polished, our crew finishes by thoroughly cleaning the job site, removing all garbage, and mopping the floor.

Post-Service Report
and Dashboard

For insurance company and Fire Marshal compliance, we apply an NFPA 96 sticker once we’ve completed our hood cleaning service. We also deliver date/time stamped photos of our work.

Survey and

Upon request, our technicians survey all components of the kitchen’s exhaust system and provide repair and replace recommendations where necessary.

Exhaust Hood
System Maintenance
and Repair

In addition to hood cleaning, we provide effective hood system maintenance and repair services. Our technicians can repair or replace filters, fan belts, hinges, panels, and more.

The APEX Standard Of Service

At APEX Hood Cleaning, it’s not only what we do, it’s how we do it. We ensure you are happy with both our results and process. Our trained technicians do this by never going over budget, diligently cleaning up the job site when we’re done, and providing you with friendly and helpful customer service.

As the Pacific Northwest’s leading hood cleaning company, we understand that we may not be the first hood cleaner you come to; but we will be the last. Our quality of service and the professionalism of our employees keep our customers coming back — in fact, we have several customers who have been using our hood cleaning service for over 40 years.

Pressure Washing and Hand Cleaning

We use heated pressure washing and detergent to break down grease in the hood system. In areas of significant grease accumulation, we scrape and wash by hand to ensure a complete cleaning.

Best in class Communication!

Our team communicates any cleaning issues or potential system deficiencies. Pictures and documentation will be emailed to you after each service. Ask any of our customers, we respond quickly!

Service Decal and After Pictures

We sign and date a service decal on the hood for Insurance Company and Fire Marshal compliance. We take digital pictures (date/time stamped) of each service so you and the fire marshal can see our completed work. Pictures are delivered to your email immediately after completion of service.

Unit Survey and Preventative Maintenance

During the first cleaning, all components of the kitchen exhaust system are surveyed and recommendations are made to solve any existing issues. We can install hood filters, fan belts, access panels, hinge kits and perform other minor repairs to your hood system. After each service, we’ll note any deficiencies with your system and make you aware of what needs to be repaired.

Environmentally Friendly

We use electric powered pressure washers to mitigate environmental and noise pollution.