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Commercial Griddle Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

Nothing beats a fresh-from-the-griddle taste, right? Whether it’s breakfast eggs and pancakes, a burger, or juice steak. Plus, all those different flavors mean the griddle’s 

unique taste only improves over time, right? No!  

If you don’t clean your commercial griddle regularly, food debris and grease accumulate and get baked in. Apart from being a huge food safety issue, it can become a grease kitchen fire hazard and ruin your griddle over time.

Commercial Griddle Cleaning Do’s

There are varieties of specialized commercial griddle cleaning supplies, but depending on whether you have a steel, composite, or chrome commercial griddle top, some of these may be damaging the star of your kitchen – the griddle. For this reason, a mix of regular dishwashing soap and water should be sufficient if you clean your commercial griddle regularly and don’t let grease accumulate. This way, you also know it’s food safe.

Whether you have a gas or propane commercial griddle or an electric one, the cleaning process remains the same.  

It is very important to ensure that you are using the correct commercial griddle cleaning accessories, such as the scraper and cleaning pads or brushes, to preserve its longevity.

  • Start with a slightly heated griddle top (around 300 degrees F) before scraping off any hard grease and bits of food. 
  • Do turn off the heat and let it cool naturally before spraying diluted soapy water on the griddle top.
  • Remember to wash the sides and backsplash of the griddle top too.
  • Scrub your commercial griddle with the appropriate tool and material.
  • Rinse the commercial griddle with room-temperature water.
  • Drain the water into the grease tray using the scraper.
  • Dry your commercial griddle using a clean, soft absorbing cloth.
  • Season it with a thin coat of cooking oil.
  • Empty the waste drawer regularly throughout the day and especially after cleaning.
  • Polish the front with a soft cloth.

Things To Avoid During Commercial Griddle Cleaning 

  • Avoid warping your metal griddle top by pouring cold water over it.
  • Do not use a griddle cleaning solution for chromium-plated griddles.
  • Do not scratch your chrome commercial griddle surface using harsh cleaning accessories such as steel wool, stones, or sharp-edged tools.

How Often Should You Clean A Commercial Griddle?

To prevent food from getting baked in and to preserve the food’s unique taste and good hygiene, scrape the commercial griddle top after every use. Thoroughly clean it as described above once a day or at least once a week, depending on how sullied it gets, and don’t forget to empty and sanitize your catching tray. 

Even when you are armed with the correct griddle cleaning knowledge, it can still be hard to get into some commercial griddle parts. That’s why it may be a good idea to get it professionally deep cleaned, inspected, and maintained every so often.


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