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Reasons Why A Commercial Kitchen Needs A Rooftop Grease Containment System

A grease containment system is a system that is found on the roof of commercial kitchens. It is located where the kitchen hood exhaust fan or pipes are. Rooftop grease containment systems protect your roofing system from the harmful effects of corrosive grease, oils, or fluids that are discharged during routine operations in a commercial kitchen. A grease containment system on the roof can protect building owners and occupants from expensive roof repairs, voided roof warranties, needless fire hazards,s and undue liability claims. 

Reasons Why A Commercial Kitchen Needs A Grease Containment System

During the cooking process in a commercial kitchen, grease and oil vapors are collected and pulled through the kitchen exhaust system. The rooftop grease containment system will capture these vapors, so they are not flushed into the municipal water systems.

Grease and oil are commonly thought of as being in a liquid form. This is true, however, only when they are heated. When these cool down, they become solid, so if this grease and oil do make their way into the municipal water system in a solid form, these could cause blockages in pipes. These blockages will result in burst pipes and consequent damage to property. In addition, these vapors may lead to environmental damage.

In addition, if there is no rooftop grease containment system present the oil and grease vapors will collect on the roof and, as alluded to in the first paragraph, will cause damage.

Which Grease Containment System Should You Choose?

Rooftop grease containment systems come in many different shapes and sizes. So, to make a decision about which one to choose, you too have to ask yourself a couple of questions such as the following:

  • What level of cooking fuel do you use and what is the volume of cooking that you do? The amount of cooking done in the kitchen and the level of grease produced will dictate the type of rooftop grease containment system you need.
  • What type of kitchen exhaust fan do you have? Certain grease containment systems on your roof will work well with particular kitchen exhaust fans. Make sure that you get this combination right.
  • How is the kitchen exhaust fan placed on the rooftop? If the kitchen exhaust fan has a low clearance or is located close to the edge of the roof or other equipment, it is only four inches wide and utilizes a single, easy-to-replace filter. Consider a single-sided grease containment system if you do not have at least 6 inches of clearance.

Now that we have answered the why? Let’s get to the how. If you have any queries about our grease containment installations or requirements, please contact us via our helpful online form or call our team.