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We've been cleaning kitchen hood systems since 1978 with a customer loyalty rate above 95%.  It's a greasy, dirty business, but we love making your hood system fire-safe.   We can clean any facility, including  restaurants, hotels, casinos, schools, military bases and stadiums. Our efficient hood cleaning technique minimizes downtime and reduces fire hazards.  Our goal is to help you reduce your operational costs and increase fire safety in the kitchen. We are proud to provide service in the Pacific Northwest in areas such as Seattle, Portland, Tacoma, Olympia, Bellingham, Salem and every location in between.


What to expect?

Pressure Washing
We use a heated pressure washing system and chemical treatment to break down grease in the hood system.


Hand Cleaning
In areas of significant grease accumulation we scrape and wash by hand to ensure a complete cleaning.

Unless the manager on duty specifies otherwise, we will wipe the counters and mop the floors of any residual grease/debris remaining after our cleaning.

Service Decal
We sign and date a service decal on the hood for Insurance Company and Fire Marshal compliance.

We take digital pictures (date/time stamped) of each service so you and the fire marshal can see our completed work. 

Unit Survey
During the first cleaning all components of the kitchen exhaust system are surveyed and recommendations are made to solve any existing issues.

Preventative Maintenance
We can install hood filters, fan belts, access panels, hinge kits and perform other minor repairs to your hood system.  After each service, we'll note any deficiencies with your system and make you aware of what needs to be repaired.

Our liability policy covers every type of facility and our technicians are insured under worker’s comp.

Our team communicates in writing any cleaning issues or potential system deficiencies.  Pictures and documentation will be emailed to you after each service.