Frequently Asked Questions


The standard clean time for a hood system is 3-5 hours. This can vary based on the size of each system, number of systems, location and logistics required to properly service.

Our technicians take pictures of all areas that have been cleaned. Those pictures are then compiled and emailed to you after the service is complete along with any notes about potential deficiencies found during the service.

Most restaurants and commercial kitchens are serviced on a quarterly basis. Any system that utilizes solid fuel for cooking will need to be serviced monthly. Kitchens that do not build up much grease such as schools, churches, seasonal locations can be serviced once a year.

No, we have a safe and efficient key system in our shop that is highly monitored if you would like to make us a key, but you can also let our technician know how to let himself out if you prefer that method.

The cleaning does not include the filters unless specifically requested for an additional fee as that is normally the responsibility of the kitchen staff.

We use a diluted version of sodium hydroxide.

Yes, we do a full criminal search along with a UA before having sign paperwork to be employed.

There are a number of factors that go into determining the cost of a hood cleaning but we can usually give a quote over email, often times the same day.

If we can get a few photos of the hood(s) emailed to us along with the name and address of the location we can start the quote. Other information we need is how many hoods (and fans) there are, how many stories is the building, and the location of the fan(s). Depending on the size and complexity of the job, on occasion, we will need to visit the location for a walkthrough but most of the time we can give you a quote over the phone and email by just getting this information, which can save a lot of time.