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Different Types Of Commercial Kitchen Hoods

Are you looking for a commercial kitchen hood? Then you must know that different types of commercial kitchen hoods are available on the market.

Are you familiar with the different types of hoods and their features? If not, then this article is for you.

This article will discuss the different types of commercial kitchen hoods. It will also help you choose the right kind of hood for your kitchen. 

 Commercial Kitchen Hoods and Types

 What Is a Commercial Kitchen Hood? 

A commercial kitchen hood is an appliance used in restaurants and other food-service establishments. 

The role of commercial kitchen hoods in commercial kitchens is significant. They help to remove smoke, grease, and odors from the kitchen. 

There are two types of kitchen hoods: type-1 and type-2 hoods. 

Type-1 Hoods  

Type-1 hoods are for installation above cooking equipment. They are also known as wall-mounted hoods or island hoods. 

Type-1 hoods have a baffle filter that helps remove smoke and grease from the air. The baffle filter is made of metal and has a series of parallel plates. They work best on equipment that cooks greasy food like fryers and griddles.

A Type-1 hood is available in various designs to suit your specific needs. Some of the most common designs include:

  •       Wall-mounted
  •       Ceiling-mounted
  •       Island

Grease particles are heavier than air. So, the baffle filter in a Type-1 hood traps these particles and keeps them from recirculating in the kitchen. This recirculation helps to improve indoor air quality and prevent fires.

Type-2 Hoods 

Type-2 hoods remove steam, vapor, odors, heat, and other moisture from appliances that don’t produce grease. Type-2 hoods have filters that need replacement regularly. The most common type of filter used in these hoods is the activated carbon filter. Activated carbon filters are good at removing odors and smoke from the air.

Some of the advantages of type-2 hoods are:

  •       less expensive than type-1 hoods
  •       remove odors, steam, and heat
  •       don’t require as much maintenance

Comfortable kitchens with good ventilation can help improve the food quality. Type-2 hoods are a better choice for kitchens that don’t produce a lot of greases. They are also a good choice for restaurants that serve healthy food.

When choosing a type-2 hood for your commercial kitchen, there are a few things to remember. The hood should:

  •       be the right size for your kitchen
  •       consist of durable materials
  •       have a powerful fan
  •       be easy to clean and maintain

Advantages of Commercial Hoods

Smoke, Grease, and Heat Removal 

There are many advantages to installing a commercial kitchen hood in your restaurant. The most important benefit is the smoke, grease, and heat removal. 

This removal will help keep your kitchen cleaner and your employees working smoother. 

Control the Odor of the Room 

Another advantage of having a commercial kitchen hood is that it will help control the room’s odor. There is bound to be some odor that will escape when you cook. 

With certain types of vent hoods, the odor will be pulled up and away from the cooking area, making it more bearable for everyone in the room.

Fire Suppression 

Another advantage of having a commercial kitchen hood is fire suppression. The hood will help remove any grease or oil that could start a fire by catching it before it has a chance to build up.

Qualities to Look for in Selecting Suitable Commercial Kitchen Hoods

Design of the Hood

When selecting a commercial kitchen hood, you will want to ensure that the hood’s design can meet the needs of your specific kitchen.

For example, some commercial kitchens require a type 1 hood, while others may need a type 2 hood or an island range hood.

Hood Exhaust Rate

Your commercial kitchen hood’s exhaust rate is very important as it will determine the hood’s ability to remove smoke, grease, and heat from your kitchen.

Exhaust rates are better when they are faster. It helps to keep your kitchen cleaner and cooler. 

Hood Size & Mounting Height

Another essential factor to consider when selecting a commercial kitchen hood is the size and mounting height.

The size of the hood should change depending on the size of your kitchen and the type of cooking equipment you have. 

As for the mounting height, you will want to ensure that the hood is installed at the proper height to work efficiently.

Hood Ventilation Design

The ventilation should be designed in such a way that it can pull the smoke and heat away from the cooking area while also providing enough air circulation.

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