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How to Clean a Commercial Griddle

Understanding how to clean a griddle can improve the longevity of your commercial griddle and will keep it in good working condition. 

Here at APEX Hood Cleaning, our technicians have spent years refining our kitchen cleaning techniques and so today we’re sharing our best commercial griddle cleaning tips with you.


How To Clean a Restaurant Grill

When it comes to how to clean a griddle surface, there are several different cleaning methods you can use depending on the type of griddle you have and the level of cleaning it needs. 

1. Vinegar Cleaning Method 

One method you can use is cleaning a griddle with vinegar. With this method, you should take a spray bottle and fill it with a 1:1 vinegar and water mixture. Spray the vinegar solution on the griddle and use a damp cloth to wipe and polish the surface. 


2. Commercial Griddle Cleaner Solution

Pick up a griddle cleaning solution from the store (e.g. Scotch-Brite’s griddle cleaning packets or Stera-Sheen’s griddle surface cleaner) and follow the instructions listed on the bottle. You’ll likely need a cloth and griddle cleaning pad for this method to be maximally effective.  


3. How To Clean Rust Off a Commercial Griddle

To get rust off of your commercial griddle, you will need a grill stone (or a steel wool sponge), a few tablespoons of oil, and paper towels. 

Apply the oil to the rusty griddle and use your grill stone to scrub the surface. Wipe away the oil with your paper towels before doing the process over again. Repeat until you have successfully cleaned the rust from your griddle. 


Get Professional Kitchen-Cleaning Help

If you have additional questions about griddle cleaning or would like to schedule a hood cleaning for your commercial kitchen, please contact APEX Hood Cleaning today.