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Importance of Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System

The kitchen area of a restaurant is insensitive to fire damage and therefore requires a fire suppression system that is reliable. Fire suppression systems are similar to fire sprinkler systems with the noticeable difference being that the fire suppression systems use gasses, liquids, or foam agents to put out fires rather than using water.

The kitchen hood suppression system becomes activated when flames or excessive heat is detected. When the system is activated, it then discharges wet chemicals via its nozzles which are over-positioned over the appliances and in the ventilation system over the hood of the cooking station. The wet chemicals put out fires quickly by covering the flame and starving it of any oxygen. 

Where is a Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System Needed?

Kitchen hood fire suppression systems are required in all restaurants and commercial kitchens, as they serve as a safety measure to help keep fires under control. The system is unique in that it helps to put out fires without shutting down the entire runnings of the kitchen.

Aside from restaurants, they are also installed in stadiums, hotels, churches, conference centers, apartment buildings, student housing, and other commercial cooking areas. One of the key reasons why many commercial building owners feel the need to install such a unique system is because investing in a kitchen fire suppression system is less expensive than the costs involved in repairing fire and smoke damage.

Benefits of Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System

The kitchen area of a restaurant requires a fire suppression system that is unique to its environment and the activities that take place within the space. A kitchen hood fire suppression system is essential as water-based extinguishers may not work in the kitchen because grease fires spread more when water is added. 

The following are some benefits of using a kitchen hood fire suppression system:

  • It reduces the potential damage that a fire could cause to a commercial kitchen.
  • Kitchen staff can easily clean up after a fire incident and stops the fire when it’s at a station.
  • The fire will affect one station and the food in it, meaning that one can avoid chemical contamination in other foods in the kitchen.
  • The system is easy to use.
  • It is a cost-savvy option as it is less expensive to prevent kitchen fires than to repair structural damage after a fire. 
  • A significant level of security comes from installing a kitchen hood fire suppression system as one can protect the building’s occupants, as well as restrict fire damage to an individual cooking surface

How do you install a fire suppression system?

Kitchen hood fire suppression systems are built-in and integrated with the hood on the cooking station and the gas line running through it. The nozzles for the fire suppression system are installed in the kitchen hood exhaust, meaning that the wet chemicals will be discharged directly over the source of the fire. 

Kitchen hood fire suppression system cost

The cost of a kitchen hood fire suppression system, installed and fully working ready to use, ranges from around $3,000 to $10,000, depending on several factors such as:

  • Size of the area.
  • Type of cooking surface.
  • Several features are included in the system.
  • The brand name.

APEX Hood Cleaning for Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems

Kitchen hood fire suppression systems can save one’s business and even one’s life, making them a vital element of safety. Contact us today at APEX Hood Cleaning via our convenient online form or call our team for more information about kitchen hood fire suppression systems and how to keep them clean and operating efficiently.