Commercial & Residential Hood Cleaning

Keeping your ventilation hood clean allows you to maintain indoor air quality and prevent kitchen fires. If you need your kitchen ventilation hood cleaned, contact a professional kitchen hood cleaning company.

Our team at APEX Hood Cleaning provides hood cleaning service in Bellevue. You can schedule an appointment by calling us at 877-866-3473.

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Professional Duct & Hood Cleaning Service Bellevue

We offer a professional exhaust hood cleaning service in Bellevue for commercial kitchens. Dirty ventilation hoods often have grease buildup, which is a major fire hazard. Professionals can eliminate any fire hazards and ensure that you are up to health code standards.


Our Hood & Duct Cleaning Process

At APEX Hood Cleaning, we ensure we thoroughly clean any kitchen we work in. We follow an eight-step process to make sure we provide great service every time: 

  • Protect equipment: We protect all kitchen equipment before we start cleaning the hood to ensure that our process or products don’t damage your other appliances and equipment.
  • Clean the fan unit on the roof: The next step is to clean the roof fan. We will work on the roof to clean the ductwork and check that everything is working properly.
  • Pressure wash: We will use heated water to pressure wash and remove grease buildup on your ventilation hood.
  • Shine stainless steel: Next, we will polish your stainless steel hood so that it looks brand new.
  • Clean up: Once we have finished cleaning and shining the hood, we will clean up any mess that we might have made and leave your kitchen better than we found it.
  • Provide a report following the service: Our hood cleaners will always leave you with documentation of our cleaning in the form of an NFPA 96 sticker. This lets restaurant inspectors know that you hired a professional hood and duct cleaning service.
  • Make efficiency recommendations: Now that our team is familiar with your ventilation hood and kitchen, we can make recommendations for improving efficiency and functionality in your kitchen.
  • Offer maintenance and repair services: Even with regular kitchen exhaust cleaning services and upkeep of your equipment, there are times that you need maintenance and repair services. You can always call us to make these repairs for you.


Benefits of Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning

When you have your kitchen hood thoroughly cleaned, you reduce fire hazards and create better indoor air quality along with a cleaner work environment. Regular cleanup:

Avoids Contamination & Diseases

Contaminants can gather in ductwork, exposing employees to infections.

Prevents the Risks of Fire

Removing grease from your kitchen hood helps you prevent a fire.

Improves Workplace Ventilation

Proper ventilation keeps your employees cool and removes foul odors.

Keeps Insurance Premiums Low

Insurance companies offer better rates to companies that take safety seriously.

Code Compliance

You can get shut down if you violate safety codes here in Bellevue, so stay in operation by hiring us for hood cleaning in Bellevue. We can make sure that your Bellevue restaurant meets health code standards.


Signs That Your Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Needs Cleaning

We recommend regularly checking for signs that you may need kitchen exhaust hood cleaning in Bellevue. You may want to contact us if your exhaust fan works poorly or stops working completely.

Sometimes you’ll see subtle signs that you need to clean your exhaust fan. If your fan starts putting out an unpleasant odor or running at a higher-than-normal temperature, you may want to contact the professionals.

Exhaust hoods may become difficult to open if they get gummed up with grease and other items. We can help by cleaning your fan, or you can schedule an appointment if it’s been a long time since your last cleaning.


Why Choose Our Hood Cleaning Service Bellevue

APEX Hood Cleaning offers the best hood cleaning service Bellevue. If your commercial or residential kitchen hood needs a thorough cleaning from a professional hood cleaning company, call us today at (877) 866-3473. We handle kitchen hoods cleaning services for you.