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Commercial & Residential Hood Cleaning

At APEX, we provide a commercial hood cleaning service in Lakewood, WA, which helps restaurants keep their kitchens clean. We also provide residential hood cleaning services too!

This vital service prevents fires, unsanitary conditions, and kitchen injuries and accidents, helping to keep equipment in optimal condition.

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Areas We Serve

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Professional Hood Cleaning Services in Lakewood, WA

Our cleaning service for kitchen hoods helps restaurants and homeowners improve the safety, quality, and functionality of their kitchens. We also offer maintenance and repair services and supply manufacturer-approved parts in case of any replacement needs.

Hiring a professional company to clean the fans and exhaust system in your restaurant kitchen ensures the job is done right the first time. Grease buildup poses a significant fire risk if not addressed and cleaned routinely. We also follow all regulations and codes. 

Our Duct & Hood Cleaning Services in Lakewood

APEX offers the following hood and duct cleaning services in Lakewood:

  • Type I Hoods Cleaning
  • Type II Hoods Cleaning
  • Parts Replacement (Fan Belts, Panels, Filters, Hinges)

With us, you’re guaranteed quality, professionalism, reliability, and affordability. We have the experience and tools to handle whatever issue arises in your commercial kitchen exhaust system.

The APEX Standard of Service

When you choose APEX as your preferred restaurant hood cleaning service in Lakewood, WA, you’re assured of quality service. With over 40 years in the business, we understand what it takes to keep commercial kitchens clean and safe.

Your time is valuable to us. We aim to deliver quality work on time and on budget to the benefit of your restaurant business.


Services We Offer:

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Benefits of Having Your Kitchen Hood Professionally Cleaned

The top benefits of commercial hood cleaning in Lakewood include:

  • Adherence to operational and NFPA safety protocols
  • Decreased risk of fires and other accidents
  • Improved air circulation
  • Improved hygiene



How can cleaning your kitchen hood save you money?

APEX experts do the job in half the time it takes to do it yourself. We help keep your hood in optimal condition and prevent hefty fines from inspectors due to health and safety violations.

How much does it cost for a restaurant exhaust hood cleaning in Lakewood?

The average cost is $130–$180 per hour. Additional charges for filter cleaning and exhaust fan cleaning may apply. 

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Lakewood’s most experienced restaurant hood cleaners are here to help make your commercial kitchen safer and more functional.

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