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Commercial & Residential Hood Cleaning Services

Are you in Wenatchee, WA, and fed up with unprofessional hood cleaning services? APEX Hood Cleaning is here to make a difference. As a company focused on residential & commercial hood cleaning, we know all too well the risks associated with grease and grime buildup in your kitchen, which can lead to serious fire and health hazards. Our friendly and certified technicians are dedicated to carefully inspecting and cleaning every part of your hood, from canopies to vents. With our prompt arrival and quick work, we promise a safe and welcoming workspace without any hassles or delays. Don’t hesitate to contact us today and experience the outstanding hood cleaning services APEX Hood Cleaning has to offer.

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Benefits Of Commercial & Residential Hood Cleanings

In Wenatchee, consistent hood cleanings are crucial for maintaining a secure and efficient commercial & residential kitchen. By opting for regular hood cleaning services, you can enjoy numerous advantages that enhance the overall kitchen atmosphere and boost the success of your business.

  • Fire Prevention: The accumulation of grease in hoods and exhaust systems is a primary cause of kitchen fires. Periodic cleanings minimize the risk of fire by eliminating flammable grease and debris.
  • Improved Air Quality: A well-maintained hood system supports proper airflow, diminishing odors and harmful pollutants that can adversely affect the well-being and comfort of your employees and patrons.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Pristine exhaust systems allow kitchen appliances to function more effectively, potentially resulting in reduced energy expenses and better performance.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Routine hood cleanings help your kitchen adhere to local health and safety regulations and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) guidelines.

For businesses in Wenatchee, investing in frequent hood cleaning services is a wise choice that offers both immediate and long-lasting benefits. Rely on APEX Hood Cleaning to keep your commercial & residential kitchen hygienic, secure, and operating seamlessly.

Hood Cleaning Process In Wenatchee, WA

In Wenatchee, the APEX Hood Cleaning team delivers exceptional service by following a detailed approach for every cleaning project.

Here is a look at our comprehensive hood cleaning process:

  1. Cover your equipment to protect it from splashes.
  2. Apply a corrosive agent and direct a heated pressure washer to clear all the grease from your hood.
  3. Get on the roof to clean your exhaust fan unit and ducts.
  4. Shine and detail your kitchen hood to a sparkling finish.
  5. Clean up the site, remove all debris, and mop your floor.
  6. Survey all components of your exhaust system and recommend repairs and replacements.
  7. Maintain, replace, or repair any worn or damaged components.
  8. Complete a detailed post-service report including an NFPA 96 compliance sticker and date/time stamped photos.

Our skilled, IKECA-certified technicians handle all kinds of commercial kitchen exhaust hoods. Our happy clients in Wenatchee come from restaurants, hotels, sports venues, schools, grocery stores, and more!

Hood Cleaning FAQ

What are the risks of not completing regular hood cleanings?

Neglecting regular hood cleaning in a commercial kitchen can lead to serious risks and consequences. When grease, smoke, and airborne particles build up in the exhaust system, they create an extremely flammable setting, greatly raising the chances of a fire. A clogged and poorly maintained hood can reduce the efficiency of your ventilation system, leading to poor indoor air quality and an unhealthy work environment for your staff. Exposure to these conditions can cause respiratory and other health issues. Non-compliance with local fire and health codes can result in fines, penalties, or the closure of your restaurant.

Are your technicians licensed and insured?

Yes, our Wenatchee technicians at Apex Hood Cleaning are licensed and insured. We take the safety and satisfaction of our clients very seriously, which is why we only hire technicians who are fully trained and qualified to perform hood cleaning services in a professional and safe manner. Our team members are also insured to protect our clients in case of any accidents or damages during the cleaning process. You can trust us to provide high-quality and safe cleaning services for your Wenatchee commercial kitchen hood.

How often should a restaurant hood be cleaned?

You may need more frequent cleanings depending on how often you’re cooking and the type of fuel you use. For instance, Wenatchee area restaurants will need quarterly cleanings, while some less busy establishments, such as hospital kitchens, can opt for a more spaced-out cleaning schedule – every 6 months. Kitchens that do not build up much grease, such as senior centers, churches, and seasonal locations, can be serviced yearly. Any establishments using solid fuel (wood, charcoal) need a monthly cleaning.

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At Apex Hood Cleaning, we recognize the importance of commercial kitchen hood cleaning in ensuring the safety and regulatory compliance of restaurants and other food service establishments in Wenatchee, WA. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service extends to all clients in the area and beyond. Our skilled team is prepared to evaluate your requirements and offer the most effective solutions to maintain a spotless and efficient kitchen. Count on us as your top choice for all your commercial kitchen hood cleaning necessities. Get in touch with us today to arrange an assessment and discover the extraordinary benefits of choosing Apex Hood Cleaning.