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Commercial & Residential Hood Cleaning Services

One of the best ways to entice your customers to come back is to show off a kitchen that is spic-and-span. By routinely cleaning your kitchen hood, you can keep your restaurant or home looking and smelling pristine. 

The ducts, kitchen hood, and exhaust system are the main focus for the commercial and residential hood cleaning and maintenance services that our Redmond team at APEX Hood Cleaning provides. During our periodic cleaning and maintenance checks, our technicians will evaluate your equipment to see if it needs either minor or major repairs. 

If you’re searching for a superior commercial hood cleaning and repair provider in the Redmond area, be sure to call our team at APEX Hood Cleaning today at (877) 866-3473 and ask for a free consult and estimate.

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Redmond Hood Cleaning for Your Restaurant

Faulty or dirty kitchen exhaust systems can put your restaurant at fire, health, and safety risks, and code violations will incur fines and warnings that can damage your reputation.

At APEX, we provide a full hood cleaning and kitchen exhaust system maintenance service. We offer competitive prices for our comprehensive services.

The Importance of Having a Redmond Hood Cleaner

It’s vital to have a trustworthy hood cleaning and repair service that you can depend on every few months. At APEX, we perform hood system maintenance and repair fan belts, panels, and hinges as well as changing filters to make sure your kitchen exhaust system is in tip-top shape for your kitchen staff.

Restaurant & Residential Hood Cleaning Service in Redmond, OR

Our company, APEX Hood Cleaning, has been in business for almost 45 years serving the Pacific Northwest. Our expertise has led to the creation of industry-leading kitchen exhaust cleaning procedures, which we will utilize to bring your restaurant’s safety and hygiene to their highest levels.

We provide repair and maintenance services for commercial kitchen hood filters, grease containment, conveyor ovens, and kitchen exhaust systems to our Redmond clients using cutting-edge equipment.


Benefits of Restaurant Exhaust Hood Cleaning Services

Hiring Redmond restaurant hood cleaning experts will enhance your restaurant in the following areas.

Improved Kitchen Air Circulation and Air Quality

Your kitchen workers will be grateful that you cleaned up the accumulated grease in the exhaust system. They’ll be able to breathe easier since odor control is something that many kitchens struggle with.

A Decreased Risk of Kitchen Fires

If your kitchen hood isn’t operating in peak condition, grease will build up in both the hood and the exhaust system. Because high amounts of buildup increase the risk of fire, routine hood cleaning is a way to keep your restaurant safe.

Improved Hygiene Levels

In addition to increasing the danger of fire, excess oil and grease in the air may contaminate work surfaces and even plates under preparation in your kitchen. Health and safety inspectors can levy fines for a perceived lack of maintenance or hygiene. At APEX, our cleaning services help you reduce or avoid those fines.

Reduced Danger of Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Grease buildup on your flooring might cause a slip-and-fall. When you clear out the kitchen hood, you’ll notice a significant reduction in grease in the air and on the floor.

Improved Longevity for Your Kitchen Equipment

When you care for equipment well, it lasts longer. You need to have us perform maintenance and cleaning on your kitchen hood system every three months to ensure that it continues to function properly for years to come.

Hood and Duct Cleaning Services in Redmond, OR

At APEX, we are pleased to provide restaurants with top-notch kitchen hood and exhaust cleaning services. Our technicians adhere to a specific cleaning regimen to ensure that your industrial kitchen hood is thoroughly clean and free of potentially dangerous trapped grease.

We’ll begin by covering your kitchen surfaces and equipment so our team can clean your industrial kitchen hood as well as your ducts and kitchen exhaust system. With a hot pressure wash and a strong corrosive, we guarantee to eliminate any built-up grease.

After that, we’ll buff your kitchen hood using rags and sponges to restore its original luster. When complete, we’ll clean the floors and remove any trash.

Our professionals will also inspect your restaurant hood fan and exhaust system as part of our maintenance plan, which involves making any necessary repairs.

Afterward, we’ll give you an NFPA 96 sticker to show your insurance company that you’ve met Fire Marshal requirements. In addition, we will provide time and date-stamped images of our work.

The APEX Standard of Service

Our team at APEX Hood Cleaning consists of qualified and experienced restaurant hood cleaning professionals. We take pride in leaving your commercial kitchen immaculate.

Why Choose Our Redmond Hood Cleaning Business?

At APEX Hood Cleaning, we take pleasure in providing the best kitchen hood and exhaust system cleaning and repair services in the Pacific Northwest and Western Washington. Contact us now at (877) 866-3473 for a free consultation and quote.

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