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Commercial & Residential Hood Cleaning Services

APEX Hood Cleaning service in Bend offers kitchen exhaust system cleaning services to ensure that all Bend kitchens are safe and functional. Our commercial and residential kitchen hood cleaning Bend service is passionate about professionalism and providing the highest level of service.

Located between the Deschutes River Woods and the Cascade Mountains, Bend, Oregon, is home to many restaurants. Our team at APEX Hood Cleaning can take care of hood cleaning in Bend to keep your kitchen operating smoothly.

Continue reading to learn more about our kitchen hoods cleaning Bend services or give us a call at (877) 866-3473 to book our team to visit your kitchen.

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Bend Hood Cleaning

During hood cleaning, trained technicians scrub your systems to remove grease, dirt, and baked-on grime. Our team focuses on comprehensively cleaning the inside and outside of your hood. We can clean the rest of your kitchen exhaust system, as well.

Benefits Of Bend Hood Cleaning

Kitchen hood cleaning reduces the chances of fires and staff injuries, making it a critical part of fire protection and maintenance for your Bend kitchen.

Having a clean kitchen hood and exhaust fan system ensures that you are protected from fines that restaurant inspectors may impose if they find that your commercial kitchen is below the industry standard-set bar of cleanliness.

Our Hood Cleaning Services Bend

At Apex, our hood cleaners in Bend are passionate about what they do and want to help restore sparkle and confidence to your commercial kitchen.

Our exhaust system hood cleaners in Bend has developed a tried and true multi-step process that we use to spotlessly cleaning commercial kitchens.

To learn more about our professional hood cleaning Bend process, give us a call today.

Importance of Having a Bend Hood Cleaner

Commercial hood cleaning scrubs away built-up dirt and debris from the hood system in your restaurant. Hood cleaning in Bend ensures that the hood properly removes odors, smoke, heat, and moisture from your cooking area.

Regular cleaning appointments take care of maintenance, keeping your hood system in optimal condition.

Restaurant & Residential Hood Cleaning Service in Bend

Our team has more than 40 years of experience handling kitchen hood cleaning. We provide our services to restaurant and home owners in and around Bend. We understand how to work around your schedule, allowing you to keep your doors open so you can continue serving customers.

Steps in Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Service in Bend

We take the following steps to complete your kitchen exhaust cleaning in Bend.

Heated Pressure Wash

Our heated pressure wash service removes stuck-on grease and grime.

Equipment Protection

We take steps to cover and protect your equipment before and during cleaning.

Roof and Exhaust Hood Cleaning Service in Bend

Technicians clean all parts of the hood system, including the components on the roof.

Stainless Steel Shining

Let us polish your stainless steel after the pressure wash.

Post-Service Cleanup

We perform post-service cleaning tasks around your kitchen to bring it back to order.

Kitchen Hood Maintenance and Repair

We can also repair any damage spotted on your kitchen hood.

Hood and Duct Cleaning Services in Bend

Our kitchen hood cleaning services can help keep the systems in your kitchen at peak efficiency. We provide restaurant exhaust cleaning services that help you meet all fire and health department codes here in Bend.

We can schedule you for regular hood cleaning. If your restaurant does solid fuel cooking, you might consider a monthly cleaning appointment. Restaurants that do high-volume or wok cooking may push their appointments back to a quarterly arrangement.

Some restaurants with low-volume cooking may only require an annual appointment.

Post-Cleaning Report

Our team helps you stay compliant with the local fire marshal and your insurance company. After we complete your service appointment, we place an NFPA 96 sticker on the hood. Our technicians also send you time-stamped photos of the work they accomplished.

Why Choose Our Hood Cleaning Business in Bend?

You can get professional commercial hood cleaning services from our team at APEX Hood Cleaning. We specialize in pressure cleaning, maintenance, and repair with over four decades of experience. You can easily set up a Bend hood cleaning appointment by reaching out to our team at 877-866-3473.

Contact a Reliable Hood Cleaning Company Bend

To get in touch with a reliable hood cleaners in Bend, give us a call at (877) 866-3473 today. Our hood and duct cleaning services Bend would be happy to meet all of your commercial kitchen needs and raise the restaurant industry standards with you.