Commercial & Residential Hood Cleaning

In maintaining good hygiene, regular kitchen hood cleaning is essential. Having this cleaning done by a Tacoma hood cleaning service is also the most reliable and efficient choice to make.

Avoiding regular hood cleaning service increases your chance of fire, with the NFPA stating that 43% of restaurant fires begin due to oil, grease, or food.

If you have a restaurant and are looking for a Tacoma kitchen exhaust cleaning service, contact us at APEX Hood Cleaning today.

At APEX, we have more than forty years of experience with residential & restaurant hood cleaning services. As experts in the field, we have developed industry-leading kitchen exhaust cleaning techniques. Using these skills, we can help to improve your restaurant’s safety, quality, and comfort.

With the best tools at our disposal, we provide clients in Tacoma with repair and maintenance for both your kitchen hood and exhaust systems. Items such as filters, hinges, and fan belts can all be repaired or replaced.

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Tacoma Hood Cleaning

Benefits of Restaurant & Residential Hood Cleaning Services

The routine hood cleaning services are not only necessary for functionality and safety, but they also create a more hygienic work environment — a detail that highly influences guests.

Studies show that uncleanliness is one of the main reasons why guests don’t return to a restaurant. If they perceive the environment as dirty, they are almost guaranteed not to come back — costing restaurants future business.

Other benefits that come with hiring our Tacoma hood cleaning company include:

  • Decreased risk of a kitchen fire.
  • Improved air circulation.
  • Improved kitchen hygiene.
  • Reduced likelihood of slipping and falling due to residual grease.
  • Eliminated risk of fines.
  • A cleaner kitchen.

Signs That You Are Due For a Professional Hood Cleaning

Here are three signs that it’s time to have an exhaust hood cleaning service to visit you:

  1. Cooking smells linger in your kitchen for a much longer time than they used to (this indicates that your fan has become less effective and may need a repair).
  2. Your fan makes a strange noise when you turn it on (this could indicate that something is caught in the blades or that your fan is experiencing some other kind of problem).
  3. Your fan has stopped working altogether. This does not only create a stuffy kitchen environment, but it also could create a more hazardous work environment as residual grease will build up much more quickly without a fan to stop it).

Our Hood Cleaning Service Process

Here at APEX Hood Cleaning, we have an eight-step process to ensure that every commercial or residential hood cleaning service in Tacoma is performed to perfection.

Our eight-step process for kitchen exhaust cleaning is as follows:

  1. Equipment protection. This is done first to ensure that none of your kitchen equipment within the splash zone is damaged or smudged during the cleaning process.
  2. Roof fan unit cleaning. After protecting all kitchen equipment, our team will move to the roof, where we will clean the connective ductwork to ensure that everything is running as it should, and that fire risk is reduced.
  3. Pressure wash. To eliminate grease buildup, our team will do a heated pressure wash to remove buildup and renew the shine in your kitchen.
  4. Stainless shining. Using a spray bottle, sponges, and rags, our team will set to work shining your kitchen hood so that it looks brand new and shows off the aesthetics of your kitchen.
  5. Post-service cleaning report. To let restaurant inspectors know when your kitchen hood was last cleaned, our team will leave you with an NFPA 96 sticker. Upon request, we can also give you time-stamped photos of your cleaned kitchen.
  6. Efficiency recommendations. Our team would be happy to let you know what sorts of changes could be made to your kitchen to improve efficiency and functionality.
  7. Maintenance and repair services. Not only can our team perform cleaning services, but we also offer maintenance, inspection, and repair services for kitchen hood systems.

The APEX Standard Of Service

If you need a trusted team of hood cleaners to help you maintain the safety and functionality of your kitchen, APEX Hood Cleaning is here to help.

As trusted and experienced technicians in the industry of restaurant hood cleaning services in Tacoma, APEX is committed to thorough work in a minimal timeframe, with consideration to your budget.

We are among the most trusted kitchen hood cleaning companies in the Pacific Northwest and offer our services to restaurants, casinos, hotels, cafeterias, and food packing facilities.

We would be honored to assist you in whatever hood cleaning or maintenance services you need. If you have any questions or would like a quote from us, give our team at APEX a call today.