Commercial & Residential Hood Cleaning

In order to maintain high levels of hygiene, frequent kitchen hood cleaning service is essential. Avoiding regular hood cleaning service increases your chance of fire, which means that it is important to hire a professional Olympia hood system cleaning service for your kitchen hood maintenance needs.

If you are a restaurant owner and are searching for hood cleaning Olympia, contact APEX Hood Cleaning today.

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Restaurant & Residential Hood Cleaning Service in Olympia

At APEX, we have more than four decades of experience with restaurant hood cleaning, beginning back in 1978. Over the years, we have developed an array of industry-leading hood cleaning techniques. With these skills, our team of kitchen hood cleaners can improve your restaurant and home’s safety, quality, and comfort.

Using the industry’s best tools, APEX Hood Cleaning provides clients in Olympia WA with repair and maintenance services for your kitchen hood and exhaust systems. Items such as filters, hinges, and fan belts can all be repaired or replaced.

Benefits of Restaurant & Residential Hood Cleaning Services

Using our services of hood cleaning in Olympia like APEX can provide such essential benefits as:

  • Decreasing the risk of kitchen fire.
  • Improving overall kitchen hygiene.
  • Reducing the likelihood of slipping.
  • Eliminating the risk of incurring fines.
  • Improving the air circulation.

The Importance of Routine Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Having an Olympia hood cleaning company routinely inspect and clean your kitchen’s fan system is an essential part of kitchen safety.

If you run a commercial kitchen, it is required by law that you have a professional company inspect and clean your kitchen’s hood system as it decreases the risk of kitchen fires and increases overall hygiene.

As nearly half of restaurant fires are the result of excess cooking oil or grease build-up, it’s no wonder that restaurant inspectors are very strict when it comes to maintaining a certain industry standard.


Services We Offer:

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Our Hood Cleaning Service Process

Here at APEX Hood Cleaning, we believe in thoroughness and professionalism. Our goal is to keep your establishment safe and to help you maintain a hygienic kitchen environment.

With these objectives in mind, we’ve tailored an eight step exhaust hood cleaning process to maximize kitchen cleanliness.

1. Equipment Protection

Before we do anything else, our hood cleaners will cover any kitchen equipment and appliances that are within the splash range of where they’ll be cleaning to ensure that your kitchen is protected.

2. Roof Fan Unit Cleaning

Next (and most importantly), we will clean the connecting ductwork and the roof exhaust system to ensure that they are working properly, maintained, and aren’t backed up.

3. Pressure Wash

The third step in our process is giving your kitchen hood a heated pressure wash. This helps to get rid of residual grease build up — leaving your kitchen sleeker and safer.

4. Kitchen Shining

After we’ve completed the heated pressure wash, our hood cleaners will then proceed to shine your kitchen hood using a cleaning solution, sponges, and rags.

5. Post-Work Cleanup

Our team will remove any debris or garbage from your kitchen and make sure that the floors are mopped and your hood is streak-free and shiny.

6. Service Report

We will leave you with an NFPA 96 sticker to let any restaurant inspectors who come calling know that your kitchen hood has been professionally cleaned and inspected.

APEX Hood Cleaning also can provide you with time-stamped photos (for insurance purposes) verifying when your kitchen was last professionally cleaned.

7. Improvement Recommendations

Our team is happy to provide you with practical recommendations for how you can improve the safety or functionality of your commercial kitchen.

8. Maintenance or Repair Services

We can also visit and provide you with maintenance, repair, and installation services if you need anything repaired or replaced.

We are able to provide fan belt, hinge, panel, or filter replacements for your exhaust system to ensure that every part of your kitchen hood is functional and safe.

The APEX Standard Of Service in Olympia WA

Why should you choose APEX over other Olympia kitchen hood cleaning companies?

As experienced professional hood system cleaning technicians, our team at APEX is committed to thorough work in a minimal timeframe, with complete consideration to your budget and needs. Our technicians have been working in the industry for more than 40 years and during that time we’ve been able to refine our processes and help Olympia restaurants diminish fire risks through our thorough cleaning services.

If you have any questions or would like a quote from us, give APEX a call today.