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Commercial & Residential Hood Cleaning Services

Having one’s kitchen hood cleaned regularly is a vital part of restaurant and residential home maintenance and hygiene. Locating and hiring a professional hood cleaning service provider is really a non-negotiable. Improper maintenance of a hood exhaust system can pose a health risk, such as a grease buildup in a kitchen hood and exhaust system, which increases the chance of a fire and directly puts you at risk of breaking compliance regulations. 

By making use of hood cleaning services in Pasco, one can ensure that the fans and exhaust systems are clear of grease buildup and don’t pose a fire hazard to one’s restaurant or home. And all this is done within 100% industry standards and compliance.

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Our Commercial & Residential Hood Cleaning Services in Pasco, WA

Our professional restaurant & residential hood cleaning services include an 8-step hood cleaning process that allows us to improve the quality and safety of your restaurant. With decades of experience, the APEX team has developed superior hood cleaning services in Pasco. Our techniques get the job done.

Why are professional hood cleaning services important? A clean hood system performs with improved efficiency, leaving your commercial kitchen much cooler, smoke-free, properly cleaned, and maintained to industry standards.

It also increases the life of the entire exhaust system and helps reduce the need for expensive repairs, new filters, leaky ducts, worn belts, bad bearings, and motors.

Importance of Professionally Cleaned Kitchen Hood

How often should I have my kitchen hood professionally cleaned?

Commercial kitchens are typically cleaned once per quarter. Kitchen environments that do not build up much grease, found in places such as schools, churches, and seasonal locations can be serviced once or twice per year.  Residential systems should be cleaned once per year.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional hood cleaning service?

By hiring a professional hood cleaning service, you decrease the risk of kitchen fires, as well as a clean exhaust system improves the air circulation within the restaurant.

It also improves kitchen hygiene and ensures that all of the restaurant regulations and safety protocols of a food-serving establishment are properly met.

Hood Cleaning Services We Offer in Pasco

APEX offers hood cleaning services in Pasco and has been expert in the field of restaurant hood cleaning services with more than 40 years of experience. We leave commercial kitchens staying safe and hygienic.

Our legacy in the industry has helped us develop superior professional hood cleaning techniques, and now these services are available to all Pasco commercial kitchens. Improve and maintain your restaurant quality easily. Simply let the Apex team do the commercial hood cleaning magic.

Equipped with professional tools and industry-leading training and skilled workers, we provide customers with impeccable maintenance and repair services for kitchen hoods and commercial kitchen exhaust systems. 

Contact Apex Hood Cleaning Company in Pasco

The APEX Hood Cleaning team can help maintain your commercial kitchen and meet industry safety standards through their in-depth commercial hood and exhaust fan cleaning services. 

Call us today at +1 (877) 866-3473 for a free quote or contact us online where we can provide you with the best hood cleaning services in Pasco.

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