Commercial & Residential Hood Cleaning
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Hood cleaning is crucial to maintaining a safe and efficient commercial kitchen. A thorough cleaning of restaurant kitchen hood, vent & exhaust systems ensures you are compliant with local fire and health codes. It also reduces the risk of fire hazards, improving air quality and enhancing the overall performance of your kitchen equipment. Grease, smoke, and other airborne particles can accumulate in your hood and duct system over time, leading to potential fire hazards and creating an unhealthy work environment for your staff. By choosing Apex Hood Cleaning for your Boise restaurant and commercial kitchen, you can count on our expert technicians to meticulously clean and inspect your system, removing built-up grease and debris to prevent fires, promote energy efficiency, and create a clean, safe workspace. Hood cleaning is important to protect your investment, ensure the well-being of your employees, and deliver the best culinary experience to your customers.

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Benefits of Restaurant & Residential Exhaust Hood Cleaning Services

Do you ever wonder why there is so much emphasis on keeping your commercial kitchen, restaurant, or other food-based business compliant with local health regulations in Boise & surrounding areas? It all comes down to maintaining safe and clean hoods free of dirt, debris, grease, and grime. Hood cleaning is important for the safety of your customers and employees. The benefits of regularly cleaning your kitchen hood system include the following:

  • Keep your kitchen staff safe from harmful fires
  • Extend the life of your hood and filters
  • Comply with health and safety codes
  • Protect your business against insurance claims
  • Improve ventilation for a safer and more comfortable working environment

The Hood Cleaning Process

A clean and properly functioning hood and filter system in a commercial kitchen is essential for maintaining your staff members’ clean and healthy working environment in Boise, ID. Aside from ensuring employees’ well-being, a well-maintained hood and filter can also prevent potential hazards such as fires and reduce the spread of grease and bacteria around your kitchen. Understanding the various aspects of hood and filter cleaning, such as the degreasing process, inspecting filters, ductwork, and exhaust fan cleaning, will ensure your kitchen remains safe and operational.

Step #1 Protect Equipment:  Everything within splash range of the hood gets covered in industrial-strength plastic. This protects the kitchen and reduces clean-up time.

Step #2 Heated Pressure Wash: Our technicians in Boise apply a heavy corrosive to residual grease and clean the hood with a heated pressure washer.

Step #3 Clean The Roof: Commercial hood cleaning moves to the roof, where our trained and certified technicians clean the exhaust system fan unit and all connecting ductwork.

Step #4 Stainless Shining: Back in the kitchen, hood washing complete, our skilled technicians remove plastic tarping and detail the kitchen hood with spray bottles, sponges, and rags — resulting in a pristine shine.

Step #5 Site Clean Up: With the exhaust hood cleaned and polished, our crew finishes by thoroughly cleaning the job site, removing all garbage, and mopping the floor.

Step #6 Survey & Recommendation: Upon request, our Boise area technicians survey all kitchen exhaust system components and provide repair and replacement recommendations where necessary.

Step #7 Exhaust Hood System Maintenance & Repair: We provide effective hood system maintenance and repair services in addition to hood cleaning. Our technicians can repair or replace filters, fan belts, hinges, panels, and more.

Step #8 Post-Service Report: We apply an NFPA 96 sticker once we’ve completed our hood cleaning service for insurance company and Fire Marshal compliance. We also deliver date/time-stamped photos of our work.

Hood Cleaning FAQ

How often should a restaurant hood be cleaned?

You may need more frequent cleanings depending on how often you’re cooking and the type of fuel you use. For instance, Boise area restaurants will need quarterly cleanings, while some less busy establishments, such as hospital kitchens, can opt for a more spaced-out cleaning schedule – every 6 months. Kitchens that do not build up much grease, such as senior centers, churches, and seasonal locations, can be serviced once a year. Any establishments using solid fuel (wood, charcoal) need a monthly cleaning.

How much does a professional restaurant hood cleaning service cost?

The cost of a professional restaurant hood cleaning service can vary depending on several factors, including the size and complexity of the exhaust system, the level of grease buildup, and the provider’s pricing structure. Typical costs range from $130–$180 per hour, with larger or more complex systems potentially costing more.

Can I clean my restaurant hood system or have my staff do it?

While daily cleaning of hood filters and basic maintenance can be performed by restaurant staff, a professional hood cleaning service is recommended for thoroughly cleaning the entire exhaust system. Apex Hood Cleaning professionals have the expertise, equipment, and certifications to ensure your system is cleaned effectively, safely, and in compliance with regulations.